Capital Replaces Last Fusion Power Plant

The Capital City replaced its last fusion-based power plant with the newer Omega design. This will provide more power to the capital citizens while utilizing less space and provider a cleaner footprint.

The Fusion power plants will be missed by many as they served the city effectively through many years of service and were a huge factor in the ability of the city to grow. Many people took sightseeing visits to the plants as they are located near the shopping district at Broadway and 9th Avenue.

The Solar Power Plants from the Earth Day campaign will remain to provide additional capacity for the future.

The additional space provided a location for the Countryside Train Station to connect from via an underground tunnel. The city’s original sports stadium was relocated in the area too bringing more activity to this section between 9th and 10th Boulevards.

Fusion Power Plants with Earth Day Solar Plants between 9th and 10th Avenues
Omega Power Plants now powering the capital alongside the Countryside Train Station