Chocolate City began as a small homestead with the dream of establishing a metropolis that could provide citizens a safe, clean and exciting place to live. The initial development was slow and after failing to progress at a reasonable pace the initial mayor was replaced with our current leader.

Chocolate City acquires 1,000,000 Simoleans
Chocolate City acquires 1,000,000 Simoleans

The new mayor decided to halt all new development and instead focused on the lofty goal of acquiring one million Simoleans as a prerequisite before any further building occurred. Through much commerce in the Global Trade Headquarters, and several questionable tactics, this was accomplished sooner than anticipated and the cities growth took off immediately. This bankroll allowed the financing of key infrastructure items of the best quality such as fusion power stations and large fire, police, and health facilities.

One of the first major decisions was agreement by the citizens to permanently locate the Mayors Mansion on a prime area of beach front property. While some questioned this decision, the majority ruled, and the mayor has resided in the same location ever since.

Initially it was also requested by the mayor, and granted, to restrict the beach area in front of the mansion to include no future development. This remained for many years though finally the mayor rescinded this restriction with the agreement he could select the buildings to occupy the space.

Mayors Mansion on 1st Ave and Wilhelm
Mayors Mansion on 1st Ave and Wilhelm

The city grew rapidly as the mayor expanded to all available land areas, beach front and the mountain range north of the city. There was jumbled focus on the overall direction of the city at that time and non-stop development of the largest residential properties possible in efforts to boost tax income. Though most citizens enjoyed the growth and new services and entertainment options it triggered many discussions on what may happen in the city’s future with the unrestricted growth. Tales of visits to other cities that contained row after row of identical buildings as well as a frequent approach to an unreasonable number of Ferris Wheels provided the clarity needed to get the mayors attention.

Balloons celebrating the oncoming one million sims
Balloons celebrating the upcoming 1 million sims

Soon after the city reached one million inhabitants there was a winter storm that lasted for close to three months. This coincided with the launch of the new so-called “Epic” design buildings that provided the distinction and modernism requested by the citizens. These new residences were so well received that plans were initiated to upgrade all the buildings in the capital city to this style.

Chocolate City continues its development of the capital while expanding to additional regions as demand for new residents as not seen any indication of slowing down. The citizens are waiting to see what innovative ideas the mayor has planned.

Chocolate City reaches 1 Million citizens
Chocolate City exceeds One Million citizens
The winter storm that engulfed the capital
Chocolate City today
Chocolate City today

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Who oversees Chocolate City?

While there are several citizen councils that provide feedback, in addition to frequent citizen requests, the mayor finalizes any decision.

2. How are citizens taxes used?

As most are aware Chocolate City has a large surplus of Simoleans. However, taxes are still needed to ensure the long-term stability of the capital and provides the necessary resources for growth to local regions.

3. Why is there constant construction in the Capital City? 

The current approach to acquiring new building designs involves a Contest of Mayors the city participates in. This frequently requires building or upgrading zones as a means of acquiring options on the rights to these designs.

4. Does Chocolate City have any partner cities for trade / commerce?

Initially the city relied solely on the inconsistent Global Trade Headquarters. After a period in a city alliance that did not provide growth Chocolate City joined West World’s alliance and this positive partnership as shown tremendous growth for the city and regions.