Chocolate City’s High-End Residential Region

Explore the Exciting Areas of
Green Valley

Green Valley is comprised of two riverbanks and one island
connected in both purpose and design.

My tale of building Green Valley 

Was it an easy job? Of course not, but what has ever been accomplished when taking the easy path? I am not only the Mayor of Chocolate City but a visionary who sees not only today but the near and far future possibilities. After my success at making our Capital City grow, expand, and thrive I needed a new challenge and used our resources to acquire additional land for our current and prospective citizens.

The Green Valley region will be a crown jewel for Chocolate City with the best in architecture, entertainment and nature following a well-planned design that encourages the best for all.

I want all citizens to join me in this endeavor as I lead us to new heights!

Mr. Mayor

Recent Green Valley News

Updates on happenings in the region.

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The Sections

Distinct areas of Green Valley each with their own vibrancy and appeal.


Entry to the region with shopping, Asia Avenue and the Golden Goal Stadium


The ideal location for Sim’s to live and play featuring Greenfair Garden Park


A mix of modern and colorfully eclectic with a pet focus

Citizen’s Thoughts