New Maxis Manor goes to South Bank

The fourth Maxis Manor of Chocolate City – the facility designed to manage fire, health, and police services in a single consolidated location – has been placed in the South Bank of Green Valley. This is a huge win for the region as these facilities are extremely expensive even considering the benefits, such as regular Vu items. After prolonged debates between representatives of the Capital City, Green Valley and Cactus Canyon the mayor weighed in and helped make the final decision.

There was discussion on adding the Maxis Manor to The Island or the North Bank however The Island residents did not want any disruption to what is already considered a well-designed urban layout and the North Bank is still undergoing finalizations on its own design.

The South Bank was found to be the best location and the Maxis Manor allowed for freeing six new residential spaces on the north west side. The Maxis Manor is location on Sapphire Street between Sandstone Way and Limestone Lane. The size of the building also met the approval of the residents in both the Latin Square and London homes areas.

Feel free to stop by when in the area and take a tour of the facility, the administration and staff are proud to show off what they can accomplish in such a small footprint.

Maxis Manor drone view
Maxis Manor close-up and a few of the available zones
Birds eye view of the South Bank with empty zones for construction