The Island

The Island in Green Valley began as an initiative to establish an organized approach to city planning not previously seen in the capital or on the North Bank. Chocolate City’s origins grew from a development process primarily to achieve population and wealth. As the first region opened after the capital that same approach was initially taking place in Green Valley when the Mayor, in an epiphany of sorts after visiting numerous other cities, determined that the region would be different. This was not a popular decision with many in the Financial District due to the anticipated lower tax base.

The XO

The east bank of The Island was first developed, and the focus was laying out similar buildings next to each other while doing this arrangement in a non-standard grid fashion. The first focus were eight arch-shaped structures aligned in a manner that many said resembled and “X” and an “O”. As the two pairs of four buildings were laid at an intersection the most frequent similarity was tic-tac-toe. Now known officially as “The XO” these areas took a while to create as not only were specific building shapes needed even the colors had to be aligned.

This pattern continued for the rest of The Island with residents and visitors finding blocks of similar buildings organized in varying symmetric patterns. These patterns allow splendid views from all the buildings and provides space for sunlight during the daytime ensuring no resident is living in shadows.

Towards the west side of The Island between the tree lined avenues of Signal Street and Treasure Trail is the largest park to date in Chocolate City – Greenfair Garden Park. Brimming with Acacia and Pine trees the middle of the park is home to The Fountain on a Lake where a leisurely boat ride is popular as well as the bustling Yoga and Meditation Retreat facility on the park’s south end.

Greenfair Garden Park
Greenfair Garden Park

Across the street on Treasure Trail is the Luxurious Casino and the Galeria de arte Fajita which are huge draws for entertainment throughout the regions. Crossing Signal Street more water related entertainment activities can be found at the Carnival of Venice.

The Island has two active beach areas with plenty of marine fun for everyone. On the east side there is a Luxury Boat Marina and Sailing Club as well as a Luxury Beach House and Waterfront Wharf. The middle of the beach contains a Waterpark and Sea Lion Center. Be sure and be available to catch a ferry over to the protected nature sanctuary isle, Seagrass Refuge, for a leisurely day in the sun. Across Jubilant Avenue is the popular Cups and Cakes Bakery and the Lapland Resort which uses clever technology to maintain snow surfaces year-round.

The west side beach’s main attraction is the Reclaimed Oil Tanker that highlights options for melding urban and green city needs in a harmonious manner. There are two Boat Houses and another Luxury Beach House, the Sailorman’s Pier, a Volleyball Court and the Carousel. At the south end of the beach is the Crescent Shopping Mall that is not loved by all due to its height and to some garish lighting. There have been discussions on having this replaced with a more nature friendly structure.

Across Guidance Way and at its center are the Hot Springs Resort which has a family focus and the Romantic Hot Springs which is an intimate destination to enjoy the beach sights with that special someone.

Those looking to try new tastes for the palate will find several options at the corner of Guidance Way and Green Grove Way. The Sausage Store, the Say Cheese Store and the Hot Cup are all highly rated spots to grab food and drinks after a day at the beach or to start a night out on the town.

Since the entire island has been developed there are no current plans for changes however knowing our Mayor, we can always expect a surprise or two in the future.

  • Hot Springs Resort and the Romantic Hot Springs
    Hot Springs Resort and the Romantic Hot Springs with the Crescent Shopping Mall, Volleyball Court and Carousel
The Island Street Map