Cactus Canyon

The mayor negotiated the acquisition of a large area of land in the desert to be called Cactus Canyon. This parcel is a massive square shaped size that is a few hours south on Interstate 10.

Currently the region has a few homesteaders with two areas to the north west still finishing the infrastructure necessary to support roads and utilities and eventually residential and commercial properties. The region is supported by fossil fuel manufacturing which is not desirable by some but does provide opportunities for those looking to start new ventures.

The mayor and city councils have still not finalized the approach to be taken for the region in terms of roads, zoning and other needs though initial talks leaned towards an oasis style design with lots of water and trees. Whether the city can afford and support this is still up for debate.

For now, a trip to the region still makes for a good outing just to see the wide-open spaces – and drive extremely fast on the long empty stretches of roads.

Initial homes in Cactus Canyon
Lots of wide-open spaces