Financial District

The Chocolate City Financial District is home to numerous banking and corporate headquarters for the capital and regions. There are even a few foreign entities with ventures here as the economy has been strong and steady with reasonable growth for years. There were initially no plans to have a single area be home for this type of business, but as they city grew and after the creation of the river cutting through town the Financial district as it exists today traversing 5th Avenue, 6th Avenue, Currency Blvd, Union Grand and Parkview was born.

The Simoleans that flowed into the city triggered a variety of strange Epic architecture designs with some twisted and some nozzle like – with no consideration of style. There have been rumblings that these buildings should be removed and replaced with designs not so outrageous. The mayor has heard these requests however many of these Epic buildings provide increased manufacturing speeds through their Epic tokens so this will be a tough decision if it is ever made.

The highlight of the area are the six tallest buildings in the capital containing high-end office space as well as magnificent condominiums. These are the most expensive areas to work and live in the capital city and they provide unencumbered views of the entire city as far as the beachfront to the south and the mountain range to the north. The Big Six are Omega Tower with its glowing three-dimensional displays, the Willis Tower and Empire State buildings providing memories of architecture in the past, and The Triad consisting of the three rectangular concrete giants. In front of The Triad is the bright red Currency One building so named because of its location on Currency Avenue and to the west on that street are the colorful so-called Currency Cylinders, a collection of circular Epic’s that glow brightly in the night sky. To provide entertainment for office workers and their visitors the Sim’s Night Club is right on the edge of the district overlooking the river.

The Financial District produces wealth for the city and provides a prestigious sight for the numerous SCBuildIt visitors coming for Global Trade or on holiday. On the numbers side the district handles the daily tax income for both Simoleans and Neosimoleans and secures the cities gold and platinum keys as well as its SimCash reserve. A highly monitored item is the Contest of Mayors tokens that can provide a manufacturing boost to achieve additional city capabilities. The city surplus has reached such a positive number that most trade between Chocolate City and its allied cites of West’s World happens at reduced rates to support their own growth. In return the city receives rare items necessary for expanding land or increasing storage – a win-win for all involved.

  • Early Financial District before the river
    Early Financial District before the river