Modern Spa replaces Carnival of Venice on The Island

A fantastic new edition to Chocolate City is the Modern Spa recently added to The Island in Green Valley. This structure has a magnificent sleek architecture that blends well with the rest of the areas design. It is very reminiscent of the Modern Library on The Island’s east side. This building replaces the Carnival of Venice across from the Yoga and Meditation Retreat on Signal Street.

Surrounded by acacia and pine trees the spa provides a relaxing and secluded location to enjoy a bit of solitude during one’s day. Nearby residents are happy as the Carnival of Venice occasionally caused disturbances due to noise.

Please stop by for a visit and view the architecture as well as schedule a few hours, or an entire day, at the incredible facility. However, you will need to book ahead as residents throughout Green Valley are reserving times as well as visitors from the capital.

Carnival of Venice
Modern Spa
Birds eye view of spa
View of spa from above
Modern Spa at night
Modern Spa daytime
Modern Spa in the sunshine
Modern Spa lights at night