Green Valley gets their own Futebol Club

The Chocolate City futebol club, the CC Conquerors, has long been a powerhouse in the SimCity League with not only championships but several players inducted to the Hall of Fame. With the growth of the Green Valley region – as well as the deep pockets residing there – a new club specific for that region has been formed. To show unity for the North Bank, Island and South Bank the name will be Green Valley United. As part of the agreement with the capital no existing Conquerors players can initially play for this team which will need to assemble solely from citizens in the region.

The team will have a shining new stadium regardless of their initial abilities and this will be located on the North Bank riverside replacing the unpopular hockey arena. In addition to the new Golden Goal Stadium the area will have a smaller training and development field as well as a fancy new team store.

We are looking forward to the team’s initial match and the excitement and rivalries with the capital this will bring!

The old Hockey Arena on the riverfront
Golden Goal Stadium
Riverside view of the stadium, store and practice field
City-side view of the stadium, store and practice field