Green Valley Island – New Epic Design

The north entry into the Island has implemented an innovative design of the Epic building towering near the bridge. The previous Tower of Economics building, the first Epic in Green Valley, has been replaced with a more dynamic and open structure, the Tower of Singing, that more accurately represents the culture and color scheme desired by the residents. The design is the same as the two buildings that cradle the Mayor’s Mansion beachfront home in the capital.

While a few have expressed nostalgia for the original design most are excited about the slim and aerodynamic features of the new entrance to the Island. The older Epic has been relocated to the North Bank for now. There are still hopes of a specific regional Epic however the mayor has so far been unable to deliver on this request.

“At least I don’t feel blocked now in my views” said a long-time resident of the XO. A group of children playing in Greenfair Garden Park exclaimed, “It is like a space tower!”.

The Tower of Economics at the entry to the Island – the first Epic in Green Valley
The Tower of Singing at the corner of Beacon and Airy Blue Boulevards