Cactus Sanctuary Camp opens in Cactus Canyon

Cactus Canyon is still undergoing design discussions by the Mayor and city councils however progress has continued with the massive recreational camp and park on the north side of the region. Comprising almost twenty percent of the region the compound is ringed with trees and has a large lake and several water structures.

The exterior entry of the camp has the Flower Festival and Mardis Gras amusement rides, the Rainforest Waterpark and the popular Banana Stand which serves excellent desserts, pastries, and drinks renowned throughout the regions. The entrance also has the Carnival Gate and Casino City Park fountain and the popular large Straw Goat that brings excitement to youth as their parents vehicles approach as it is visible currently from the regions entrance due to the empty acreage.

The camp itself has a large Summer Camp section near the middle surrounded by two Cabin Camping areas, three Tent Camping areas, a Cookout Area as well as four Small Campsites nestled within the trees on the lake front for those wanting the most natural experience. On the west side of the park is the Old Farm that provides food for the camp and gives visitors opportunities to learn hands on how crops are cultivated. Next to the farm is the whimsical UFO Landing Site that schedules fun and spooky adventures during the night for those staying at the camp. There is also a Jogging Path next to both locations.

On the lake there is one of the Big Riverside Restaurant chain locations and Camping on the Lake facility with canoe rides. Across the lake is the Boat Camping enclave with higher sped boating activities for those seeking aquatic thrills and yachts available for overnight stays.

Cactus Sanctuary Camp
Cactus Sanctuary Camp view from the east
Cactus Sanctuary Camp view from south
Cactus Sanctuary Camp drone view
Close up of the camping areas and main playground