New Development in the Omega District

It has been a long time since any new development has occurred in the Omega District. This was partly due to space considerations and no decision on long term plans for how to increase the area and the impact on the rest of the capital.

With these latest updates it puts some concern to rest that the entire district may be demolished and redesigned with a different approach. While some are excited about the possibilities the riverfront residents in Old Town are not at all pleased.

The first Omega University replaces previous structure for the existing Evergreen Conservatory. The university name will remain though students and faculty now have a gleaming new facility to enjoy. Residents are welcome to visit at the location on 6th Avenue on the river’s edge next to the Tennis Stadium.

The other update is the first Omega Casino in Chocolate City. The capital has long had a large gambling footprint, and this is the first building of its kind throughout the regions. The city will be monitoring the success of this venture to determine if additional casinos of this type are useful and desired by the residents and visitors. The new casino is also located on 6th Avenue in the Omega District next to the Fire Department. Come by and see the new building and try your luck at the many fun and exciting games.

Evergreen Conservatory and Omega Casino on the riverfront
Evergreen Conservatory and Omega Casino from the east
Evergreen Conservatory and Omega Casino at night
Birds Eye View of Evergreen Conservatory and Omega Casino