Old Town

The height of the Epic buildings, especially those in the Financial District were so large that a backlash of sorts occurred. This launched an effort to create a sim-made river cutting through the south east of the city and separating all skyscrapers, including Epic designs, from the beloved London and Paris designs. While many looked curiously at this effort initially the so-called Old Town began to really take off and the addition of the Eiffel Tower, Viewpoint Country Club – a professional 18 hole golf course, the intricate Epic Headquarters and multiple landmarks made this a desirable place to call home for many citizens of the city and even many new sims looking for a place to live.

The Old town started small with the introduction of the Paris and London residence designs. These were a bit of a novelty initially as the divergence from the existing skyscrapers throughout the city was so drastic. The lower elevated homes were dispersed amongst the towers and residents clearly disliked the blocked views and almost constant shadows even on the sunniest days.

With the mayors agreement, and a significant cost to the city, a plan was made to separate the city and construct a distinct lower elevation area that would resolve many of the Paris and London home residents’ concerns. The first step was the monumental task of creating a sim-made river that physically isolated the district. This involved a huge outlay of capital as well as the relocation or demolition of numerous residential towers. Fortunately, the residents of the demolished towers were given opportunities to move into the new area and many did, though some angrily left the city never to return.

The district has a combination of both Paris and London designs as well as many mountain Epics. These Epic buildings are the tallest structures allowed outside of the Eiffel Tower. This was a compromise as a faction in the Old Town community wanted nothing to do with Epic buildings at all. One huge win for the area was the construction of the Viewpoint Country Club golf course that sits on the east edge of the city and provides magnificent views of the tower while playing a round. Some of the most expensive real estate in the capital surrounds the course.

Other must see sights are the Department of Epic Projects with its external working gears on the building; the Globe Theatre and Carnival Gate; the University Library and University Campus Park; the Temple of Artemis landmark and the whimsical Romeo and Juliet Balcony House. In a direct line south of the Eiffel Tower is Big Ben proudly displaying the time of day in a classical structure. The area also is home to the first Maxis Manor in the city enabling a single one-stop facility for health, fire, and police services in the district. The Clock Masters Workshop and Hopping Tavern are busy hot spots for both locals and citizens from across the river to enjoy great food, drinks, and entertainment.

South east area of capital before creation of Old Town
Old Town Today
Old Town Today
  • Old Town - Big Ben
    View of Big Ben, Temple of Artemis, Hopping Tavern, Clock Masters Workshop and Romeo and Juliet Balcony. Also Maxis Manor.