Omega District

The Omega District has a long history of both excitement and frustration. When the first tower was erected there were many “oohs and aahs” at the futuristic design and shiny exterior. As the north east of the capital began to see more development of this type the mood quickly soured for many residents in other parts of the town. The buildings required special permanent utilities and brought new challenges with more items needing manufacturing and storage that could not be used elsewhere or sold on the Global Trade Headquarters. A major concern are the drones that now roam the streets in the area which while so far appear to be safe they unnerve many.

On a positive side the new Neosimoleans generated in taxes enabled the city to purchase the latest technology in essential facilities such as power, water, waste management and sewage. These new utilities have higher capabilities while being contained in a much smaller footprint. The reduction in space made it possible to begin efforts to expand for new residential development along the north near the mountains.

At the time of the creation of the river traversing the city there was discussion on separating the Omega District in the same manner as Old Town. While this did not happen it effectively halted new Omega construction until a long-term plan can be determined. Though many would like to see the Omega buildings removed – a contentious issue is the sky-bridges connecting many of the buildings – their delivery of Neosimoleans have been key for the capital’s growth. Green Valley is now beginning to request more Omega utilities as well to alleviate space concerns on their North Bank.

The latest proposal is an extension of the Omega District along the corridors between 8th and 10th Avenues toward the west. This may include the demolishment of all Tokyo buildings and if so, the capital outside of Old Town would consist solely of Epic and Omega architecture. Of course, this could change in the future if new more desirable building designs are created.

For now, the Omega District is a clean, safe, and vibrant community that receives much negative press simply due to the building designs. How the city decides to approach this dilemma will go a long way in its growth outside of the capital.

  • Omega District view from balloon
    Omega District view from balloon