Entertainment, Shopping and Landmarks

For entertainment residents and visitors have a wide range of options that can appeal to many different desires.

The capital has two movie theatres, Riverfront near the beach and Omega in that district of town both showing new releases and hosting unique events and parties. The Entertainment HQ also has regular monthly shindigs and is a great resource to find out what is scheduled for the capital and the regions. Party goers can spend all night at the Sim’s Night Club on the river while dancing under the lights of the Financial District.

To satisfy the sports fan there are options from the high-ticket CC Conquerors games at the Soccer Stadium to more reasonably priced family friendly events at the Track and Field Stadium or Tennis Stadium. Those interested in something a bit unique should head to the Sumo Hall on Wilhelm and catch dedicated events and the exciting and spectacular official league contests. If you are looking for a low-cost event the original Stadium located between 9th and 10th Avenues near Union Grand has many local, amateur, and off beat sports that rival the professionals for thrills.

For live theatrical entertainment there is the Globe Theater in Old Town or the Oslo Opera House on Broadway where the best in classic and modern concerts and plays can be enjoyed. For open air events the Amphitheater near Stonewall Conservatory, the city’s oldest university, is an excellent destination.

The most popular attraction in the capital is the Ferris Wheel. This massive ride on 4th Avenue near the river lets its participants get glorious views of the beach, Old Town and the Financial District as well as a nightly light show from the surrounding Epic towers.

  • Soccer Stadium and Tokyo Tower
    Soccer Stadium and Tokyo Tower